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Gospel Demos 

Full Band
Gospel demos
for the low price of $60

Instruments include:
drums/bass/piano/acc guitar/elec guitar & steel guitar
The drums are high quality drum loops,
the rest of the instruments are the real thing!
No keyboard imitations.
Male vocal
No hidden charges, no gimmicks!!!!

If you need extra musicians:
Fiddle....$20 per song
Harmonica.....$25 per song
Strings....$30 per song

If you have only the lyrics I charge another $40 to write the music for a total of $100. 

Please read further instructions below.


All the songs listed below are $60 Tracks


The Gloryland Way
A Crown of Thorns
When We All Get To Heaven

Listen to a couple of Original songs
Peace Of Your Embrace
The Light Still Shines
Heaven, My New Home
These Days
Ain't It So Good

Please Read

Here are the steps in recording a demo.
 1. Send me a rough recording with Vocal and at least one instrument. 
              You can send cassette tape, cd or mp3. Make sure the key & tempo are correct.
 2. I will chart the song
 3. Add real acoustic drum loops
 4. Add real Bass Guitar
 5. Add real Accoustic Guitar
 6. Add real Piano
 7. Add real Lead Guitar
 8. Add real Steel Guitar.
 9. Mix it
10. Send you an mp3 by email.

That's a bargain for $60!

PLEASE REMEMBER THESE ARE DEMOS!!!!  They will sound like the songs above (same instruments etc.)